European Global Border Environment (GLOBE)

The GLOBE, and FP7 funded project ran between 2008-07-01 to 2009-06-30.The project will provide a comprehensive framework in which an integrated global border management system must be developed. The project will take into account the current and future technological environment.

The GLOBE final roadmap delivers, in a unique document, the main guidelines of work and a comprehensive and functional approach to its consequent implementation in phase 2 of the demonstration programme on integrated border management. The document includes a priority list of issues to take into account in the right order to avoid entering into a problematic implementation as well as procedural, technical and integration recommendations deriving from the elements identified and described in the GLOBE project on specific areas of border management; technology maturity, use and deployments characteristics for each proposed technology, critical factors and unaddressed areas, complementary aids and economic restrictions. Additional information on questions that cut across technology uses such as political and economic issues or affecting international treaties and conventions are underlined and put into consideration. 

The results of this work can be used in further development of policy within the Framework Programme for Research and Technology to increase efforts in border control, identifying possible topics to be open in future calls in order to cover the arising needs and difficulties. An important aspect of the roadmap consists in establishing the current state-of-the-art to help stakeholders determine the approach of their participation in the demonstration programmes. The roadmap provides an objective and systematic method and the analysis tool required to evaluate emerging technologies for the industry, universities and interested institutions while identifying technologies missed out by experts at the initial stage, completed years ago. 

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