Handling Waves

Handling Waves - Decision Support System for Ship Operation in Rough Weather

Reliability of the service, in terms of punctuality, operability and availability of the ships, is the attribute that most contribute to the efficiency of waterborne transport. The aim of the project is to improve ships’ performance, and thus its efficiency, by addressing those operational factors that are connected to operability and availability of the ship itself. 

The effect of waves in rough weather is of the factors that mostly degrade the ship efficiency. In this way, the objective of the project will be achieved by developing an on-board decision support system for tactical decisions of ship handling in waves which enables the master to improve ship performance while minimizing the likelihood of structural damage. 

Besides monitoring in real time the actual ship responses, the system will predict the near term motions and structural loads due both to weather changes and to possible changes in course and speed by the shipmaster. It is a system for tactical decisions of ship handling covering in particular situations of rough weather. 

The innovation compared to existing systems lies in the prediction capability, which will be based on various computational methods. The system will be built upon existing monitoring systems from two of the partners which have been used on board of several ships. One of them monitors accelerations on board and the other monitors the cargo distribution and calculates the stability and distribution of still water loads. The decision support system will be conceived for installation on both new constructions and existing ships thus addressing the competitiveness of both the EU ship manufacturing sector (new ships) and the EU maritime transport operators (existing ships). 

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