High Speed Freight on the European High Speed Railway Network

The main objectives of HISPEEDMIX were:
 Assessment of the market requirements for high-speed freight traffic and the capability of the existing high-speed lines to cope with such traffic.
 Studying the utilisation of the high-speed network for traditional freight traffic in mixed traffic conditions.
 Market analysis for two scenarios (high-speed freight and conventional freight) and identification of the customer needs for high-speed market segments.
 Evaluation of the impact of the freight train traffic on the RAMS performances on the European High-Speed Rail Network.
 Analysis of operational and technological constraints on the mixed traffic.
 Definition of a maintenance model and plan for both scenarios.
 Providing specifications and showing under what conditions the use of the European high-speed rail network is feasible and cost effective for high-speed and conventional freight and passenger traffic

The project was funded under the FP4 Programme.

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