Multienvironment Air Cushion Oil Spill Fast Response & Post Emergency Remediation System

HOVERSPILL driving force is based on the concept that the greatest part of oil spills has a strong impact on coasts, beaches and shoals. Even if the pollution takes place at open sea, vessels usually don’t reach the location in short time to contain the spot, which rapidly expands. Moreover the oil hits those areas which can not be easily reached by traditional vehicles/vessels, nor by land nor by sea, for the lack of water depth or for the muddy land.

HOVERSPILL project is mainly focused to operate on the transitional areas between land and sea, where shoals, difficult access areas, long distance from ports, make difficulties more relevant. The main objective of HOVERSPILL system is the development of an innovative procedure for oil spill emergencies, with the greatest immediacy and efficiency possible during the intervention and effectiveness during the following remediation activities.

New operational procedures and protocols will be defined in order to match the new technological approach and the vehicle characteristics. Ultimately, the project finally aims at acting as, or fully support, a future European technology platform for new hovercraft assisting the policy objectives of the ERA. The project mainly intends to develop a specialized “HoverSpill ACP (Air Cushion Platform)”, a vehicle completely amphibious and capable of working on land and water, in areas with high and soft mud, usable as a pontoon in floating conditions, boasting the following main characteristics:
 Propelled by diesel engines from the automotive sector, applied in an Integrated 
 Propulsion System, able to perform higher propulsive efficiency, lower weight and better balance, allowing the use of lower cooling surface, able to duplicate as a structural and aerodynamic element.
 Highly effective double stage integrated system of floating oils separation, with the possibility to transport absorbing booms and confining barriers and for the transfer in remote tanks or into floating bags.
 Integrated power take-off and generators mainly necessary for restoration and post-emergency phases.
 Positioned on ships or oil tankers deck, to be promptly used in oil transfer operations for preventive action.

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