European integrated Info-Box system for improved food safety and logistics

The info-Box System (iBoS) increases the transparency of information in the logistic chain of perishable goods such as meat products. By increasing the transparency of information, food safety is improved as the logistic processes in all nodes are performed more secure and efficient and easy tracking & tracing of meat products is enabled. The info-Box System is a means to close the information gap that exists in the logistic chain between slaughterhouse and supermarket. Closing the logistic chain improves food safety and is of great importance to regain the lost consumer trust in meat products. The iBoS Trial complies with the EU objective to safeguard food quality and logistics transparency by establishing a reliable logistic chain.

The info-Box System is an integrated system of a new transport crate (info-Box) with 13,56 MHz RFID ISO transponder technology built in the box and a new Supply Chain Management System to manage and control the information flows related to the use of the info-Box. This open standard, internet based Supply Chain Management System enables every node in the logistic chain, from the slaughterhouse (box filler), distribution centre to the supermarket (box emptier), to access the stored information of each box.

As successful innovation in the logistics chain requires the support of all nodes and high standardisation, extensive field trials are performed to prove the benefits. Trials are performed in daily practice with 9000 info-Boxes to test the integrated info-Box System at the several logistic nodes. By means of the Trial the technical and business benefits of the info-Box system are proven and optimised, as a last step before commercialisation.

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