Innovative distribution with intermodal freight operation in metropolitan areas

The success of intermodal transport depends strongly on the managerial and organisational performance of the pre -and end -haulage of the intermodal transport leg. IDIOMA shows how distribution of goods in metropolitan areas can be improved through several demonstrators : 
 The Öresund region with Helsingborg and Malmö represent the suitable basis for coordinated and composite distribution concepts including intermodal transport sea/road as well as rail/road. 
 Provided different technological solutions, Nürnberg demonstrates cooperative inbound city logistics : Starting consolidation at the far end of the transport chain, the consignee, and using intermodal transport to cover the long haulage leg for a freight center. 
 In large metropolitan areas, traffic conditions are getting worse and real time traffic information gets valuable to be integrated into transport logistics planning decisions which are demonstrated in Paris via 4 intermodal terminals. 
 In the Amsterdam-The Hague-Rotterdam-Utrecht region (Randstad) new concept for linking multiple freight distribution centres and terminals by rail (Flownet) are tested. 

The demonstrators of IDIOMA does not hide the problems which still exist in operating intermodal transport but also opens the way to new perspectives by introducing new management schemes, organisational measures and technological means to achieve, finally, a more environmentally friendly goods transport in metropolitan areas. 

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