Implementing Pricing Reforms in Transport NETworking

IMPRINT-NET Coordination Action addressed Task Costs of transport infrastructure use in FP6 Programme. It "provided a discussion platform for policy makers, transport operators, researchers and other stakeholders to exchange views on the implementation of new pricing regimes, cost calculation methods derivation of tariffs to be levied and on successful approaches to overcome barriers and to affect attitudes and perceptions". IMPRINT-NET directly benefited from the experience accrued by its predecessors (CAPRI, IMPRINT-EUROPE), while featuring major innovations, in both contents and organisation. It closely cooperated with all relevant pricing research projects, including those emerging from this Call.

Particular emphasis was given to:
 the Air and Waterborne modes, for which the state of knowledge is less advanced,
 links between infrastructure charging and investment needs,
 pricing reforms in NAS, in the perspective of EU enlargement.

IMPRINT-NET established 6 Expert Groups (EG) reflecting these priorities - Interurban Road; Rail: Maritime; Inland Waterways; Air; and Revenues. 

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