Improvement of Danube navigability

Improvement of the navigability of Danube

This project, part of Priority Project 18 (waterway axis Rhine/Meuse-Main-Danube), involves the study of the elimination of fords and bottlenecks hindering navigation along the Hungarian stretch of the Danube river between the town of Szob and Hungary's southern border. It will contribute to meeting the requirements set for the Danube-Main-Rhine waterway (UNECE directives).
Currently, the fairway does not meet UNECE VI B and C parameters for approximately half of the year. However, after the elimination of fords and bottlenecks, this limitation will happen only for 20 days as a maximum.
The studies will be implemented by surveying the riverbed, drawing technical designs, making the necessary environmental studies and impact assessments, and getting the approval of the competent authorities for all of the interventions along the said river section.

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