The INTERMODESHIP project was part of the European Community’s GROWTH programme which started in January 2002 and was completed in August 2005.The project aim was to reduce significantly the problem of congestion on major European traffic arteries and its negative impact on the environment through shifting of cargo volume from road to waterborne transport. The project met important societal needs regarding the role of transport and mobility in Europe's competitive and sustainable growth.

The aim was to provide a flexible and more profitable door-to-door waterborne solution, including the transport of 'swap bodies" for which no waterborne solution exists. The project brought together stakeholders from the Maritime Transport Chain, its supporting industries & centres of excellence to solve a European transport & ecology problem.

The technical and scientific objectives of the project were:

 to provide a novel waterborne transport concept for inland/short-sea operations for various types of cargo units, faster cargo handling and better use of cargo space. 
 to solve & validate by means of virtual and experimental methods problems arising from the above novel concept (hydrodynamics, low-weight structures, cargo handling), also regarding consistency & compliance with societal & economic constraints.

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