Analysis of accessibility and efficiency improvements of operations in model exchange nodes and logistic platforms

The main aim of this project is the improvement of the accessibility conditions in centres of modal interchange (CDIM) and public and private logistic platforms (PL). The objectives are:

a) To overcome bottlenecks and the lack of integration between the participant agents; and
b) To make door-to-door intermodal transport more fluid, more flexible, quicker and sustainable.

The project includes (i) the analysis of actual problems of accessibility and operations which affects efficiency, rapidity, productivity and problems of capacity of the CDIM and PL, and (ii) the production of a common methodological criteria to optimise accessibility as the establishment of optimal location, dimension, technological means and infrastructure, standards of communication and integration of processes and information systems between component agents in the chain.

The INTER-NODAL project is organised in five technical subprojects and a subproject of dissemination of results, which is developed in the section 'Result Spreading Plan'. All the subprojects are coordinated to a general level by a main researcher of ITENE.

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