Intermodal Transport Real-time Information Platform

The INTRARTIP (Intermodal Transport Real Time Information Platform) project is a research and technology development project, partially funded by the European Commission. It aims at designing and experimenting on the field a real time information for supporting intermodal transport. 

The platform provides selected and standardised market information useful for organising the delivery of cargo and for settling bookings, trade agreements and contracts as well as information concerning conditions, infrastructures capabilities, routes, facilities, timetables, tariffs, reliability of delivery, etc. This could be envisaged as the first approach to electronic commerce in the transport field.

More specifically the objectives of the INTRARTIP project are:
To define a  Semantic Framework for information involved in the pre-contract processes of intermodal transport
To define an Open Architecture for the INTRARTIP Platform
To implement a Pilot System, implementing a number of information services and IT applications. The aim is to evaluate the feasibility of the INTRARTIP concepts. 

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