Intermodal Quality

The aim of IQ was to improve the quality of intermodal transport, and the quality was considered at the level of the final user. In IQ it is assumed that the demand side of the market is heterogeneous and therefore an optimal service to one client might not be optimised for an other. The segmentation of the market must highlight this heterogeneity, which was not the case of the previous segmentation proposed, based on supply characteristics.

With this approach all the different aspects of the intermodal transport system had to be taken into account, as well as their interactions, in order to assess the impact of a specific action on intermodal quality: these aspects are economic, organisational, technical, spatial and define what has been called an integrated approach for « integrated transport chain ».

The definition of quality indicators was required, as overall indicators for the final user, (external quality) but also at intermediate level as operation for the transport operator (internal quality).

In the two workpackages, the quality of terminal and the quality of network was assessed for the present situation and a horizon of 2010 with the performance indicators.

In a later stage, IQ integrated the element of terminals and networks analysis along the lines of spatial, professional and technological consistency requirements. Extensive database on terminals and network services allowed the creation of a tool for simulation of services improvements.

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