ISTIMES - Integrated System for Transport Infrastructures surveillance and Monitoring by Electromagnetic Sensing - ISTIMES

ISTIMES is and FP7 project of 36 months duration which started on 1 JUly 2009. The main purpose of ISTIMES project is to design, assess and promote an ICT-based system, exploiting distributed and local sensors, for non-destructive electromagnetic monitoring in order to achieve the critical transport infrastructures more reliable and safe. This has the overall aim to developing a high situation awareness by providing detailed information and images of the infrastructure status in a fast time and so to improve decision support for emergency and disasters stakeholders. 

The integration of electromagnetic technologies with new ICT information and telecommunications systems enables remotely controlled monitoring and surveillance and real time data imaging of the critical transport infrastructures. The project exploits different non-invasive imaging technologies based on electromagnetic sensing (optic fiber sensors, Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite platform based, hyperspectral spectroscopy, Infrared thermography, Ground Penetrating Radar, low-frequency geophysical techniques, Ground based systems for displacement monitoring). Sensor cross validation, synergy and new data fusion and correlation schemes will permit a multi-method, multi-resolution and multi-scale electromagnetic detection and monitoring of surface and subsurface changes of the infrastructure. 

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