IT for Adoption and Intelligent Design for e-Goverment

ITAIDE Mission: Making international Trade easier, efficient, and secure, using IT tools and Trusted Trader Networks. ITAIDE addresses issues related to eCustoms: How can customs documents and procedures be redesigned and supported by ICT? What are the drivers and barriers for adoption?

ITAIDE research spans the levels of technology, processes and networks to understand eCustoms in a comprehensive manner. We investigate eCustoms from the following different angles:
(1) standardization
(2) interoperability
(3) control & redesign
(4) network innovation and
(5) value assessment

The ITAIDE Living Labs provide a real-time, real-life research setting where we develop and pilot our practical solutions and theoretical frameworks. This includes technical demonstrators and recommendations for the adoption of eCustoms, especially in the EU’s Customs Administrations and SMEs. All Living Labs have an EU-based global industry player as their focus organization.

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