ITS Adriatic

ITS Adriatic Multi-port Gateway

The Northern Adriatic Ports Association (NAPA) has agreed to develop a study, including a pilot action, focused on the future deployment of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions enabling an efficient information exchange between the NAPA ports, including eventually the port of Rijeka, and all the actors involved in the intermodal transport processes.
The ultimate aim of the study consists in the creation of a prototype of a common e-platform based on the development of a NAPA web portal for data sharing, integrated with enhanced NAPA port community systems and with an EDI application, in order to allow the interconnection among the ports’ systems, according to common standards and technical requirements defined on the basis of a ports’ process analysis.
The prototype will be the first step of a more complex system with a view to extending the system performance step-by-step, towards the concept of “one-stop-shopping”. At full capacity, the NAPA portal will be able to provide a wealth of information, facilitating and speeding up the completion of formalities, thus serving as an example for other EU port clusters.

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