Co-modality towards optimised integrated chains in freight transport logistics

The KOMODA proposal was presented as an answer to the research objectives launched by call TPT 2007.2 concerning the optimization of the logistics chain through co-modality. More precisely, KOMODA's objective is to produce a roadmap, with associated action plans, to nurture an integrated e-Logistics platform by and between modes of freight transport across Europe. Such platform must comply with a series of basic requirements: has to be based in open standards, usable by any concern, able to communicate freely between existing applications and allow the integration of legacy systems and future development.

Several of such IT logistics platforms are currently in use, but mostly consist of private company applications not connected and not even compatible. For such developments, KOMODA will identify the industry requirements in terms of organization of the logistic chain and technical specifications of the integrated information system. Opportunities and obstacles affecting the future implementation of the e-Logistics integrated platform will be identified, resulting in the development of recommendations to empower the former and minimize the later. KOMODA will follow a bottom-up approach, with a strong involvement of freight industry stakeholders.

The work included a wide Delphi survey amongst the logistics chain stakeholders to obtain a comprehensive picture of available e-logistics applications used in transport operations, their sources, availability, functionality and use by companies. A desk research on transport and technical requirements complemented such exercise. Obstacles and opportunities were identified for finally developing a structured and coherent action plan for innovation and change leading towards an integrated e-logistics system Europe-wide.

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