Locks on the Meuse river

Studies for the construction of a 225m x 25m (Class VIb) lock in Huy (Ampsin-Neuville) and the works of a 225m x 25m (classe VIb) lock in Flémalle (Ivoz-Ramet), both on the Meuse river

Part of Priority Project 18 (Waterway axis Rhine/Meuse-Main-Danube), this project aims to increase the lock capacity of the Meuse river to reach class VIb, or the traffic of boats carrying 9,000 tonnes.

The locks located in Ivoz-Ramet and in Ampsin-Neuville are two of the most important in the Walloon region, counting 11,490,000 and 8,880,000 tonnes respectively in 2007. The project plans to build a new lock at Ivoz-Ramet and, for the section Ampsin-Neuville, it will develop the detailed studies, including hydraulic, navigation, socio-economic and environmental analysis.

These studies are aimed at the construction of a new lock at Huy. 

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