Logistics-based ship design

The main aim was to develop RoRo vessels and enable the motorways of the sea to become more competitive towards their road/rail equivalents competing for transport missions between origin and destination. To accomplish this aim, LOGBASED partners generated a ship design methodology which led to the design of better ships functioning as an integral part of dynamic intermodal transport chains.

It is aimed for improvements of up to 30 % for various ship capabilities, such as resistance, stability, safety, etc. as well as for various logistics performance parameters within intermodal transport chains.

Methods and tools based on a system theory, which provide decision-making support to the development team and/or decision-makers, are developed by:
 identifying the principal requirements and variables influencing the development of a viable intermodal transport business;
 capturing the principal ship design and shipbuilding variables, as well as their inter-relationships;
 mapping the commercial and technical aspects in a logistics-based design methodology and developing a supporting software tool to facilitate its application;
 applying the developed method and tools for selected business cases (intermodal transport systems) in order to verify the approach through the design of more efficient RoRo vessels.

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