LOGSEC - Development of a strategic roadmap towards a large scale demonstration project in European logistics and supply chain security

LOGSEC is an FP7 project of 12 months duration starting on 2010-04-01. 
The goal of the LOGSEC project is to develop a strategic roadmap for a large scale demonstration project in European logistics and supply chain security, characterized by adequate security for the benefit of business and governments, on low time-delay and other cost implications. 

A broad set of security policies, regulations, standards, technologies, procedural aspects, services, IPR-issues and links to other related projects will be assessed and evaluated during the project in close collaboration between the beneficiaries and business and governmental security end-users. Key technologies and procedural aspects covered by the project include: Container and goods/inventory, authentication, traceability, inspection and monitoring technologies; Risk assessment systems and models; Information transfer systems; Intermodal transport security; Modernization of customs procedures; Protection of supply chain infrastructure. As the main output, LOGSEC will identify the most relevant/promising research areas and research gaps, which should be addressed in the follow-up demonstration project. The LOGSEC project team consists of organizations with in depth experience in European and global supply chain security research and technology analysis and end-user partners representing a broad set of European shippers and logistics operators and customs administrations. The methodology consists of literature and project reviews; expert interviews; user surveys; user workshops. 

Background theory will be drawn from supply chain and logistics management; security management; and crime prevention theories. Lessons learnt in other regions, including North and South America and Asia will be exploited during the course of the project. Links to key parallel projects will be established, including demonstrations in Integrated border management (Security) and China-EU secure trade lane (Transportation); related projects with the World Customs Organization and the World Bank amongst others. 

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