MEDICI Project

Program created and administered by IPC through which a group of participating postal operators capture and electronically exchange the data needed for mail to clear Customs and for Duty/Tax to be assessed. Posts also use the UPU standard item attributes message, which is used to exchange the customs information, to aid in mail routing and delivery and to enhance their services.

The data for each mail item are transmitted between the origin and delivery posts, and are shared with the respective Customs Authorities and other government bodies, as required for export, import and border security.
MEDICI not only more efficiently captures needed customs information, the system also provides additional benefits for postal operators, Customs staff and customers.

•  Customers will benefit through faster and more predictable delivery, combined with more consistent assessment of taxes and duties.
•  Use of on-line data capture systems will improve data quality, increasing Customs compliance and reducing exceptions.
•  Postal operators will be able to use the data to improve Duty and tax collection procedures.
•  Customs' resources will be used more effectively, allowing them to focus more on security initiatives.
•  Customs in the origin country will be able to use the data to screen outgoing items if required.
•  Address data can be used to automate mail sorting and delivery, eliminating the need for OCR or video coding.

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