METNET - Education Training

METNET will improve the quality, harmonize the contents and extend the applicability of maritime education and training for ship officers (MET) in the EU. "The meeting of the METNET objectives will provide sustainable growth in competitiveness of, and mobility within, European dhipping.

The work programme of METNET can be divided in a ""MET-direct"" part and a ""MET-indirect"" part. The ""MET-direct"" work programme focuses on the development of improved, harmonized and more widely applicable syllabi/curricula for MET students and specialized courses for MET students and lecturers as well as the dissemination and implementation of these new programmes and their pre- and post-implementation evaluation. The ""MET-indirect"" work programme will support the mutual recognition of certificates, help increase the insufficient supply of ship officers and will exploit results from 4th FP and other projects."

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