Monitoring and Operation Services for Motorways of the Sea

The MoS4MoS project is a pilot action primarily aimed at preparing the different key stakeholder systems (ports and terminals, railways, rail freight stations, maritime carriers, short sea consolidation centres, etc) to provide integrated and interoperable services for door-to-door MoS supply chains.
The main objective of the MoS4MoS Action is to design and demonstrate a set of prototypes that will improve the operational coordination of transport flows and facilitate tight co-ordination between the various administrative services and operators at port level.
More specifically, the goals of the Action are:

 Facilitating and simplifying the compliance with regulations of companies in a door-to-door MoS supply chain
 Improving the exchange of information of public and private organisations to increase the efficiency of ports as MoS gateways
 Improving the operational cooperation of the actors of the different transport modes in a door-to-door MoS supply chain
 Providing a set of monitoring services for the door-to-door MOS supply chainsPromoting and supporting sustainable intermodal transport solutions that reinforce the door-to-door MOS supply chains

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