MOSAIC - Multi-Modal Situation Assessment & Analytics Platform

MOSAIC is an FP7 project of 36 months duration starting on  

MOSAIC Platform will involve multi-modal data intelligence capture and analytics including video and text collaterals etc. The distributed intelligence within the platform enables decision support for automated detection, recognition, geo-location and mapping, including intelligent decision support at various levels to enhance situation awareness, surveillance targeting and camera handover; these involve level one fusion, and situation understanding to enable decision support and impact analysis at level two and three of situation assessment. 

Accordingly MOSAIC will develop and validate: 

i)  A framework for capturing and interpreting the use-context requirements underpinned by a standard data ontology to facilitate the tagging, search and fusion of data from distributed multi-media sensors, sources and databases, 
ii)  A systems architecture to support wide area surveillance with edge and central fusion and decision support capabilities, 
iii)  Algorithms, including hardware-accelerated ones for smart cameras, which enable disparate multi-media information correlation to form a common operating picture, including representation of the temporal information and aspects, 
iv)  Tools and techniques for the extraction of key information from video, un-controlled text and databases using pattern recognition and behaviour modelling techniques, 
v)  Algorithms and techniques to represent decisions and actions within a mathematical framework, and how this framework can be used to simulate the effects of disturbances on the system, 
vi)  An integrated system solution based upon the proposed systems architecture and the above developed enabling technologies including techniques for tagging different multi-media types with descriptive metadata to support multi-level fusion and correlation of surveillance and other data intelligence from distributed heterogeneous sources and networks

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