Decision Support System for integrated Door-to-Door Delivery: planning and control in logistic chains

MOSCA provides a set of computer tools to assist the transport operators in planning their transport services. The approach integrates the urban goods flows and its related infrastructure within advanced off-line and on-line urban transport models allowing authorities to plan, assess and control freight policies according to their needs while private transport operators take advantage out of the model by accessing actual traffic and other information (e.g. 'works ahead' on roads or closed lanes).

MOSCA strongly supports the concept that new technologies must answer customer's need, delivering benefit for the whole Community. MOSCA aims at exploiting project outputs supporting applications in existing and newly developed information systems.
The design of the MOSCA system has been performed starting with the user requirements identification of both supply and demand side. From the user requirements, a set of suitable applications has been selected. For these applications, necessary modules have been identified and developed. Once MOSCA tools have been implemented and tested, the results have been analysed and then evaluated.

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