New European Wish: Operation Project for European Rail Network

NewOpera Aisbl is a Belgian based International Non Profit Association. Having fostered through its Members the NEWOPERA PROJECT, is the leading promoter of the 2020/2025 Rail Freight priority lines concept.

The achievements of this project should provide the market with:

•  Significant increase of speed on the main European corridors of up to 100 %; present measurements made on railway networks (RFF) show, that the most critical point is the time lost on nodes to leave priority to passengers trains rather than the speed of the freight train.
•  Increase in reliability and consistency of rail services competitive with those offered by road (hypothesis taken from EUFRANET).
Important reduction of cost due to increasing rotation of rolling stock, increase of "effective" driving hours of drivers and possible increase in length of trains: these are expected to lead a reduction from 30% up to 50% of operating costs.
• Very significant increase in rail network capacity due to more homogenous speed of the trains, pointing at bottlenecks which have to be removed.
•  Better combined utilisation of new infrastructure for High Speed Train and former rail lines, leading to an improved combination of lines respectively dedicated to freight or to passengers, to avoid conflicts between type and traffic.

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