NET information integration services for security systems

Ni2S3 is an FP7 project of 27 months duration starting on 2009 - 07 - 01
The key idea of proposed project is to research and implement a reference methodology for developing security systems based on NEC Information and Integration Services, able to integrate information from many and heterogeneous sources, in order to build up or improve the situation awareness of critical infrastructures. In particular, the main objectives include: Definition of a operational scenarios, analysis and extraction of the system specifications. Definition and design of a NI2S3 for the decision making support regarding the security, resiliency and availability of the subject infrastructures. Definition a set of metrics or tools and setting up validation capabilities to develop the ongoing architecture and system. Develop a NI2S3 application demo. Develop a technology for measuring the performance, robustness and reliability of such system. Dissemination and exploitation of the results 

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