Oise River

Studies to upgrade the Oise river between Compiegne and Creil to Vb gauge

The Action covers the design studies of the global project which aims to upgrade the Oise river (between Compiègne and Creil) to navigation class Vb. The project is part of Priority Project 30, the “Seine-Scheldt”.
The Oise River is navigable for 103 km, from the intersection with the Seine to Compiègne (Janville). It links the Seine basin to the waterway network of the Nord-Pas de Calais and, further, to the Benelux, as well as to the Champagne-Ardenne network and the Mosel and Rhine basins.
The fairway upgrade of the Oise river up to Class Vb which allows vessels between 3,200 and 6,000 tonnes and of maximum 185m length. It will also enhance the use of two intermodal terminals (road/rail/water freight transhipping).

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