PLATFORM: integrated

Computer controlled freight platforms for a time-tabled rail transport system

PLATFORM’S main objective was to implement a more cost-effective way to manage freight-traffic flows through the enhancement of terminal management and the integration of existing telematic systems. Such an approach is expected to make rail transport competitive for long- and even medium-distance freight transport and thus lead to a substantial reduction of road-based transport. PLATFORM operational objectives were: - improvement of terminals as centre for adding value in intermodal operations; - improvement of communication protocols and connections between terminals; - improvement of terminals’ efficiency through the full integration of the available terminal tools, ensuring cost-effectiveness of the proposed investment plans; - evaluation of real application in terms of scheduling, planning system, information system, rolling stock; - design of simulation model for dynamic order scheduling for combined rail-road transport. A smooth organisation for pre- and end-haulage, as well as the completely computerised management of terminal services, were demonstrated through computer simulation of the transport flow and the terminal services. The project was completed in 1999. 

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