Promoting marine research careers

The aim of this project was to attract young and talented pupils and students for a career in the sector of the maritime transport industry. Europe has a strong maritime economy with a high global position. The strength of the European maritime industry is based on its entrepreneurship and ability to innovate. The European maritime companies can only maintain their position to produce innovative products if they can attract highly qualified RTD personnel. In order to remain at the cutting edge of knowledge and technology for green, competitive, safe and secure advanced maritime products and operations not only naval architects, offshore and marine engineers but also marine scientists, marine transport economists and financiers as well as other related science and engineering graduates have to be attracted to undertake research and development in the maritime sector. PROMARC has been raising awareness of job opportunities in the marine transport technology sector in

Research and Innovative product development through:

 An investigation and analysis of current National and European Union schemes to promote maritime transport sector.
•  Investigation and analysis of current and future sector skill shortage and demand
•  Creation of promotional materials on the research and innovation career opportunities in the maritime transport sector to be published online and as brochures and pamphlets for distribution by all sector stakeholders
•  Activities to promote of marine transport technology sector in schools including site visits, schools visits and interactive internet site.
•  Activities to attract graduates to a career in research including academic competitions, thematic workshops and summer schools. It is recognised that there is a severe gender imbalance in the marine technology sector and special efforts will be targeted at female students to encourage them to follow research and innovation careers in the sector.

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