CEN WG 8 is responsible for the multi part DATEX II standard. The focus of DATEX II standardisation is on the information content. Substantial work on exchange has already been performed with the ambition to take up its standardisation at the ISO level. For this there is an ongoing cooperation between CEN TC278/WG8 and ISO TC204/WG9. The DATEX II specifications are maintained by a stakeholder organisation that has been created under the EasyWay programme6160. With the aim to support sustainable mobility in Europe, the European Commission has been supporting the development of information exchange mainly between the actors of the road traffic management domain for a number of years. In the road sector, DATEX II has been long in fruition, with the European Commission being fundamental to its development through an initial contract and subsequent co-funding through the Euro-Regional projects. With this standardisation of DATEX II there is a real basis for common exchange between the actors of the traffic and travel information sector. DATEX II defines a common set of data exchange specifications to support the vision of a seamless interoperable exchange of traffic and travel information across boundaries, including national, urban, interurban, road administrations, infrastructure providers and service providers. Standardisation in this context is a vital constituent to ensure interoperability.