Road Transport

Standardisation activities of CEN TC/278, WP3 Public road transport are summarised below: 

Table 6: CEN TC/278 - WP3 Public road transport activities



On Board Data Bus Transmission

Standardisation of the application rules concerning the WORLDFIP or CAN data bus transmission. Environmental and electrical conditions and limits inside the vehicle.

Reference Data Model

Reference data base model allowing links between different transport application programs like scheduling, Passenger information, Fare collection, Personnel Management etc.

Interoperable Fare Management System Architecture (IFMSA)

Definitions and Requirements of a reference functional architecture for Automatic Fare Management systems to ensure interoperability between several actors in the context of the use of electronic tickets.

Identification of Fixed Objects in Public Transport (IFOPT)

Proposed standard defines a model and identification principles for the main fixed objects related to public access to and operation of Public Transport (e.g. stop points, stop areas, stations, entrances, etc...)

Standard Interface for Real-Time Information (SIRI)

A communication layer, which defines common procedures for requesting and exchanging of PT data. An Interface between control centres (AVMS) or AVMS with the functions.