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Licensing Authorities

Linked business to business relationships is the role that the various industry licensing authorities at both an international and national level, may have to play in the way in which a multi-modal ticket is sold.

By way of an example, travel agents who sell IATA airline tickets must be IATA accredited, with IATA membership primarily based on financial eligibility or the provision of a bond, by way of security. It is difficult, in the present economic climate, to envisage a situation whereby an IATA airline ticket is able to be sold – even as part of a multi-modal journey – by for example a TOC authorised agent, who will be subject to different eligibility criteria.

This will of course be avoided if multi-modal tickets are to be sold via an online platform only. However, if the intention is that they should also be available via travel agencies, then work will need to be undertaken either to align the various eligibility criteria or to implement a regime of mutual recognition of current criteria.

Further input from key industry associations will be useful in identifying the extent to which existing criteria can be aligned and what will need to be done in order to make multi-modal ticketing widely available from a regulatory perspective, if it cannot.