Software agent based systems for travel advice

Software agents which are software entities that have autonomous behaviour have been applied in many business domains over the past decades. Software agents are capable of cooperation, negotiation, learning, planning and knowledge sharing.

Travel is an information intensive industry and travel products increasingly rely on information availability at the time of booking but also during consumption, i.e. for the duration of the travel. A software agent for travel can remove some of the burden of information seeking and processing from the traveller by actively seeking information, vetting it, filtering it and presenting it to the traveller. Some applications of software agents to travel have been reported, for example in Tariq et al [1] to help tourists to choose the right destination and tour company from the wide variety on offer.
Their travel service advisor (TSA) agent supports travellers by providing up-to-date information about travel companies’ performance and help them to advice right decision according to their requirement and preferences.

Other agent approaches include:
applications for rapid and cost-efficient of an online pre-trip travel advisory service;
 agent mediated e-commerce application to automate the hotel reservation process;
 multiagent travel planning system for e-tourism domain;
 multiagent tourist advisor system to construct personalized tours, select package tours and handle the underlying information.

[1] M.Tariq et. all, Smart travel service advisor using Semantic Web and Agent Technology. Computers and Simulation in Modern Science, Volume I.